Who We Are

My name is Zevik and together with hired freelancers we build fantastic tools for FaceBook.
Please, contact me for any reason: fb.tools.zevik@gmail.com.

Our Extensions

GMAC — Group Answers Collector For FB™

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A smart, effective and friendly browser extension for saving members answers to Facebook groups you manage. The extension exports user answers to GoogleSheets with one click.

GMAC is a new version of our previous extension: Group Funnel.



How To Sign In

Privacy Policy

This product consists of a Chrome browser extension and Google OAuth application.

The extension keeps associations between Google SpreadSheets and Facebook groups on Google servers behind storage.sync API. This information is needed for the extension to know which spreadsheet is connected to which Facebook group.

The extension collects users' emails for the purpose of providing important updates to our privacy policy, tips and news about the extension.

We don't collect any users data for objectives other than listed above. On our servers we only privatly store user emails and associations mentioned above.

The application asks access for creating and editing of Google Spreadsheet because it saves collected data in user's sheets and reads from it to check and prevent duplicate records of data collected in the sheet.